Point Cab

3D Pointsチュートリアル

With PointCab 3D Points module, you can easily define correctly positioned 3D or height points in your results from the point cloud for use in CAD systems.

Then, you can export just these points for your CAD system without the need to export the entire point cloud. This function may reduce the effort of your CAD system or your future work significantly.

Easily create 3D height points in your PointCab Layout or Section results and use them directly in your CAD system.

1.Activate 3D Points tool
2.Extract 3D points
3.Export 3D points – Done!

Tutorial units

  • Export 3D Points

    Export 3D Points

    Do you need definite points to import to other system for further evaluation ? With our tool to export 3D points you can do it :

    Click the required points on your plan :

    In Job Editor you can now export points :

    The XYZ List will be saved under 3D in the folder Project_Results :

    The List of coordinates is in ASCII format and can be open as a text file in Editor:

  • 3D Points export settings

    3D Points export settings

    In the Job Editor, you can change the following information:

    In the Job Editor, the following options are available:

    3D Points Parameter:

    The Point ID corresponds to an individual coding. For instance, you can use your internal codes for the topographic site surveying.

    The Point number is a consecutive numbering.


    Both parameters can be optionally exported. You can select them in the tab File. Then, you start the export by activating the button Export points.


    In the tab CAD, you can change the Export Unit.