Point Cab

PointCab and Graphisoft ARCHICADチュートリアル

With our solution PointCab4BIMm we efficiently support easy to use 3D modeling in ARCHICAD from point cloud data.

Combing PointCab´s powerful and ease of use processing speed in large and small projects as well as the also very smart modeling capabilities in ARCHICAD for creating complex 3D models creates a helpful tool for you to introduce and add BIM models to your business from your existing inventory data.

With our solution we save valuable time by eliminating the time consuming import, navigation and measuring within point cloud data in ARCHICAD. This gives you the opportunity fully concentrate on creating your 3D ARCHICAD model.

PointCab-to-ARCHICAD step-by-step instruction

Tutorial videos

  • Tutorialvideo 1: Specify story levels in ARCHICAD according to point cloud data

  • Tutorialvideo 2: Three Methods of creating walls precisely and effectively according to the point cloud

  • Tutorialvideo 3: Measuring windows and doors directly in the point cloud

  • Tutorialvideo 4: Creating and detailing floor structure, ceilings or very generally slabs

  • Tutorialvideo 5: Measure in columns and beams directly from a point cloud

  • Tutorialvideo 6: Positioning any objects very easily and precisely