Point Cab

PointCab and Autodesk Revitチュートリアル

With our solution PointCab4Revit we efficiently support easy to use 3D modeling in Revit from point cloud data.

Whether you obtain data from terrestrial laser scanning or from mobile mapping systems, the workflow is easy to learn and quickly to be integrated into your existing work methodologies.

Combing PointCab´s powerful and ease of use processing speed in large and small projects as well as the also very smart modeling capabilities in Revit for creating complex 3D models creates a helpful tool for you to introduce and add BIM models to your business from your existing inventory data.

Tutorial videos

  • Tutorialvideo 1: Measuring levels in Revit directly from a point cloud

  • Tutorialvideo 2: Hot to create walls directly out of a point cloud

  • Tutorialvideo 3: Measure and place windows of fixed and variable size

  • Tutorialvideo 4: Measure and place doors of fixed and variable size

  • Tutorialvideo 5: Measure wall openings and passageways

  • Tutorialvideo 6: Measure and place round and square columns

  • Tutorialvideo 7: Marker- Measure 3D points to position an electrical panel

  • Tutorialvideo 8: 3D model lines with the sample measure and position beams

  • Tutorialvideo 9: Model line projection to position any Autodesk Revit element at the example of a roof

  • Tutorialvideo 10: Model line projection to measure and position a railing