Point Cab

Align a projectチュートリアル

The alignment function allows you to transform the point clouds into a new coordinate system.

Tutorial units

  • Align a project

    Activate the Align scan project function

    Now, the first point of the line has to be determined as origin of the new coordinate system. Set this new origin by clicking the left mouse button directly in Top-View.

    In PointCab, the x axis appears which shows the direction visually. By defining a further point, the direction is aligned. The alignment is created by a defined direction of the arrow and uses the initially defined point as a basis.

    Of course, you can enter the coordinates manually in the Job Editor.

    If you select Apply to user coordinate system (UCS) in Job Editor, the point clouds are only visually transformed into the user coordinate system. The original coordinates remain. If you close the PointCab project and reopen it, the transformation has disappeared.

    If you select Apply to project, a coordinate transformation is performed on the point cloud. The original coordinates are transformed in full into the new coordinate system. All three standard views have to be recalculated. After the calculation, your project is aligned to the previously defined line.