Point Cab


Using the PhotoMatch tool you can match high-resolution images onto sections and layouts.

Increase the resolution of your 3d model of a museum or monument with rectified and high-resolution images of paintings or combine ortho images of car accidents with high-resolution images of wheel traces.

Tutorial units

  • Adjust photos and result in CAD

    1. Select the tool PhotoMatch and drag a rectangle in the zone where the image shall be adjusted to.

    2. Select the image in the Job Editor.

    3. Set a transparency of 0 %.

    4. Click on “Change handles” in the Job Editor.

    5. Shift the corner points with the corresponding points (in accordance with the figure) that are visible in the layout or section.

    6. Click again on “Change handles”.

    7. Set a transparency of 40%.

    8. Adjust the corner points to the corresponding points in the layout or section.