Point Cab


Using the Sketch tools – distance, surface, angle and text – you can easily define and document dimensions.

Training videos

Tutorial units

  • Mesauring tools

    PointCab provides you a selection of measuring tools: distance, surface and angle measuring tools as well as a text editing tool:

  • Distance-Serface-Angle


    Activate the Distance Tool and mark 2 Points between which the distance should be measured. If you wish to measure a horizontal or a vertical diostance click your start pointand press the SHIFT Key.

    In Job Editor you have a possibilty to change some settings. You can change colour, line type and end point marking symbol:


    Activate Surface Tool and mark the points defining the requested area. From 3 Points the surface will be parallely shown in area and continuously updated as new points are added.


    Activate the Angle tool and select a base angle between two points. If you wish to set the base angle to 0°, 45° or 90°, click its start point and press SHIFT Key. After defining the base angle, the angle measurement will appear:


    Activate Text tool and click where you want to insert a text. A text field containing ‘New Text’ will show automatically .

    Now you can edit this text in Job Editor.

    You can edit font,colour and text position.

  • Documentation

    All measurements and texts are saved and can be always shown or hidden. Using visibility setting (an Eye in the top left corner) you can select and deselect individual elements.

    The documetation of selected and measured elements can be saved as a picture file.Using the function key F11 you can get a picture output :

    It can be saved by pressing the function key F12: