Point Cab


Vectorize layout or facade plans from your point cloud step by step.

We developed PointCab Vectorizer for our customers who want to create line plans specifically or in addition to the view created out of the ortho photos generated with the Layout and Section Module.

Such as all other tools, the Vectorizer extracts its results based on the point cloud and enables the user to benefit from the full accuracy of the laser scanner. As with all tools, the results are provided as CAD formats and, thus, can be used directly in existing CAD software.

Tutorial units

  • Automatic vectorization


    It makes sense to create a layout or a sectional view that only contains the elements that are required for digitalizing the lines. In order to create a perfect vector image, it is important to select a small area:

    Process the layout or the section:

    Automatic vectorization

    Activate the Vectorizer tool (also on the modules menu …) and select the area to be vectorized:

    Adjust parameters (optional)

    The default setting for the Job Editor you can customize via the menu File > Settings > Vectorizer.

    ・ Minimum line length: With a smaller value more vectors are generated
    ・ Corners: Intersect
    ・ Histogram: For a darker value less vectors are generated

    Start processing:

    Edit vectors

    The vectorized lines ar displayed and can be processed. In the Vectorizer toolbar, simple tools for editing, complementing and correcting the single line elements are available. For further information on the the single toos, have a look at Edit vectors >

    Results into CAD

    By using the context menu, you can display the results by clicking on Show in Folder.

    Export parameters

    The default settings for the Job Editor you can customize via the menu File > Settings > Vectorizer.

    ・ Export Unit
    ・ Projection: 3D / Planar / Planar & origin – it depends from your CAD system!
    ・ Export formats …

    According to the selected output format, a line drawing in DWG, DXF or DAE is created.

    You can open the DWG file in AutoCAD, for instance, and position it under your project. Here, the DWG is opened in Autodesk TrueView:

  • Vectors manually create, connect,intersect, delete

    Vector toolbar

    In PointCab’s Vector toolbar, simple tools for creating, connecting and intersecting lines are available:


    You have the possibility to select generated, single vector lines or areas by using the menu Selection:

    Delete and undo

    You can delete the line elements of the selected area by pressing the Delete key. You can undo the delete step-by-step by using the shortcut Strg & Z. You can reach the original state by repeated usage of the shortcut.

    Create lines

    Activate the feature Create lines:

    Click on starting point and endpoint of the line:

    Connect lines

    Activate the feature Connect lines:

    You can connect two lines by selecting the two lines one after the other:

    Intersect lines

    Activate the feature Intersect lines:

    In order to intersect two lines, simply click on the two lines one by one:

    The two lines are interconnected:

    Set an angle between two lines

    Activate the feature Force angle between lines:

    Select the point whose angle has to be edited:

    In the Job Editor, you can enter an angle manually or set the angle straight by using the 90° feature.

    Adjust points manually or by entering coordinates

    If you know the coordinates of points, you can enter them manually. For that purpose, select the point to be changed:

    After having selected the point, you can move the point manually to another position or enter the coordinates in the Job Editor: