Point Cab


With the PointCab Volume Module, you can easily create REB 22013 standard compliant volume calculations with your point cloud.

Tutorial units

  • Volume of a foundation pit

    Volume of a foundation pit

    The volume of a foundation pit can be calculated immediately using our Volume tool. Activate the Volume tool :

    Select the foundation pit respectively the area to calculate the volume:

    The volume of the selected area wil be calculated according to REB 22013. Start processing:

    The result will be showed directly:

    Double click the Job to open the calculation protocol in PDF:

    You can also see your volume in our 3D View:

  • Volume of a mound

    Volume of a mound

    Using PointCab you can easily calculate the volume of a mound . Activate our Volume tool :

    In this example we wish to calculate the volume of a pile of stones. Select the required area :

    Start the processing with a green Start button. The Volume will be calculated according to REB 22013 and showed immediately afterwards:

    Double click the Job to open the Calculation protocol :

    Of course you can see your volume in our 3D View. In the Context menu of a Job (right click) you can open the volume:

  • Volume calculation settings

    Volume calculation settings

    In Job Editor you can edit different settings to match your result to your requirements.


    The mesh accuracy describes the maximal acceptable divergence between calculated mesh area and measured point cloud.The smaller this value, the minuter the location of triangles. In consequence the size of a file augments.

    The filter object smooths the surface and removes points within some value. It means that if a 5 cm filter is selected , points lying 5 cm above or below the surface will be ignored. If a prism pole stands in the terrain, it will not affect the calculation.

    CAD & File:

    Under the CAD tab you can choose the Export Unit.

    You can change the name of a task under File.